An A Body Detox Cleanse is an all natural, non-surgical cleansing program that is designed to assist in removing the accumulated toxins (or “toxin”) from the body. Detoxification is a kind of alternative-medical therapy that aims to rid the human body of certain “toxins”, i.e., substances that supporters claim to have collected in the human body over time and are proving to be toxic over time. These toxins can come in the form of heavy metals, pesticides, pollution, nicotine, alcohol abuse, etc. The belief behind this practice is that by eliminating these toxins, one is cleansing the human body as a whole and purifying its nature.

Other Detoxification Methods

A Body Detox CleanseA Body Detox Cleanse, like other detoxification methods, attempts to remove toxins by flushing out built-up toxins through the urine and the feces. When one undergoes a Body Detox Cleanse, it is important that he or she consumes only organic whole foods and refraining from using pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. Eating organic whole foods means reducing or completely avoiding foods that contain these elements. It also means drinking and/or eating only organic, whole foods.

There are different types of body cleanses and each one is meant to target specific components of the body. A “fast” body cleanse is done in order to eliminate accumulated toxins. This method is usually considered to be the most effective cleansing method available. In order to complete a fast, a person should eat no food for 24 hours. Then, he or she should start eating organic, whole foods. After the first day of fasting, the person may experience some stomach cramps and diarrhea, but this will pass with time.

Reiki Body Detox Cleansing

An energy cleansing or Reiki body detox cleansing involves laying on the floor in a sauna room. A light massage is performed while the person is inside the sauna. A Reiki practitioner or healer uses her hands to encourage positive and healthy feelings, as well as to remove accumulated toxins from the person’s system. The sauna session can last up to thirty minutes, and after the entire session, a compress is given the stomach to help relieve any queasiness.

A body detox cleansing can also include herbal preparations. Herbal teas, such as chamomile, will help to restore and balance the digestive tract. After the cleansing is complete, a person may want to consider drinking a blend of natural, organic juices to help him or her feel energized. Some herbal teas contain substances that can reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields. In addition, a balanced body detox can help to eliminate emotional hunger.

Improve Health and Well-being

A body detox cleanse can also help to improve one’s health and well-being. A holistic approach to cleansing may include adding supplements to the diet. For instance, taking an herb called Dandelion Root can reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields. It has been shown to increase the production of “feel good” hormones, which can counter the effects of stress. Other herbs that may be helpful in a cleansing are Milk Thistle and Artichoke.

A body detox cleansing can help to cleanse the digestive system and to increase the overall health of the digestive system. A colon cleansing, for example, will rid waste and toxins from the intestines, reducing the risk of colon cancer and improving symptoms of IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. A detoxifying foot bath can also help to maintain proper health by eliminating toxins from the feet. A healthy digestive system and a healthy gastrointestinal tract are necessary to healthy digestion and regular bowel movements.

As you can see, there is much benefit to a body cleanse detox. If you are looking to live a healthier life by removing toxins from your body, then a body cleanse detox is the perfect solution. A detoxing program can help to restore a person’s digestive system to a natural balance. In doing so, it can help to improve overall health, as well as a person’s energy level and happiness. This is a detoxification process that anyone can use in order to find a more perfect world.