Alkaline Green Smoothie is a wonderful way to improve your health while having fun at the same time. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other healthy ingredients combine to provide a nutritious yet delicious snack. Prepare this delicious smoothie in your blender, or use a smoothie maker to make this healthy drink all the time.

Alkaline Green Smoothie

Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender or smoothie machine and blend until smooth, gently adding some filtered water if necessary for further consistency. Add Alkaline Green Smoothie to glasses, add ice, and enjoy! Alkaline Green Smoothie is so easy to make that it’s a perfect snack to take with you on your travels, days at work, and even on days when you want to get away from it all. The alkaline content in the Alkaline Green Smoothie will help your body maintain a more alkaline pH level, which is always a good thing.

You can add any of the following to your Alkaline Green Smoothie: cucumbers, lime juice, strawberries, hawthorn berries, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, kale, Swiss chard, artichoke, bee pollen, or cranberries. For a thicker consistency, add three quarters of a cup of low-fat milk, blended yogurt, or one tablespoon sour cream. For an ultra-pasteurized green smoothie, use one tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon maple syrup. If you prefer your Alkaline Green Smoothie cold, you can substitute cranberry juice for the milk. For maximum flavor, pour in the yogurt and honey.

Alkaline Green SmoothieEnjoy Healthy Watermelon Fruit Smoothie

An Alkaline Green Smoothie is a great way to relieve congestion, eliminate belly fat, increase energy and stamina, and even lose weight. It has six key ingredients including green tea, cucumber, Alkaline Green Smoothie extract, Alkaline Green Blend, beetroot, and spinach. All of the ingredients work together to give you tons of energy, reduce belly fat, promote good digestion, detoxify, and boost your immune system. It is easy to make at home. Below are some guidelines on how to make an Alkaline Green Smoothie according to the recipe provided.

Use one cup of Alkaline Green Smoothie with one cup of chopped kale, rinsed kale, and two cups of water. Place the kale and cucumber in a food processor and blend until mushy. Add Alkaline Green Smoothie and blend until completely smooth and creamy. Next add the other ingredients. If you prefer it cold, you can replace the yogurt and the lemonade in the recipe.

Blending is Key

Blend one medium green apple with four ounces of Alkaline Green Smoothie, rinsed. Put in Alkaline Green Smoothie and blend until smooth and creamy. Add lemon juice and blend until smooth again. Then pour in one ounce of low fat milk and two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Stir and enjoy your Alkaline Green Smoothie!

There are many different recipes for Alkaline Green Smoothie, all using the same ingredients. These are simple to make, healthy, and taste great. Alkaline green smoothie uses a rich assortment of ingredients that are full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to create an energizing drink. Alkaline green blends of flavors can be refreshing and delicious. The Alkaline green smoothie can be made with fresh greens such as kale and spinach, or you can have it in a smoothie with fruits and vegetables.

For a delicious summertime drink, try making a tropical green smoothie with kale and cucumber. Blend two ounces of kale, one tablespoon of Cayenne, one tablespoon of ginger, two and a half ounces of cranberry juice, two and a half ounces of cherry juice, and one cup of yogurt or sour cream. Mix well and enjoy your tropical green smoothie.