At Home Yoga Program is an excellent way to begin or enhance your yoga practice at home. With At Home Yoga you get a one hour private practice delivered straight to your door. You don’t have to make an appointment to take yoga classes; there’s no need to go to a class and sit through an exercise class when you can simply do yoga at home. Plus, with the At Home Yoga Program you get access to a huge variety of yoga styles and teachers all offering different types of instruction.

At Home Yoga ProgramBenefits of Joining a Home Yoga Program

The At Home Yoga Program is a one-hour private practice delivered straight to your door. Each DVD from the At Home Yoga Program has three levels of difficulty, meant to challenge beginners, intermediates and experts of all different fitness levels. Intermediate and Beginners yoga is the foundation for this kind of yoga. It’s the yoga that you should be practising if you want to advance further into more difficult forms of yoga. You’ll be amazed at the variety of styles and teachers of this form of yoga. There are prenatal, maternity, poses for couples and even poses for women recovering from pregnancy!

I started taking At Home Yoga when my son was three months old. At first I found the DVD’s boring and repetitive. It wasn’t until I got into the second week that I really began to enjoy At Home Yoga. I couldn’t believe how much more relaxed and calm I felt after a few classes. It’s amazing how quickly you can bring yourself into a more relaxed frame of mind. And it’s so easy to bring your children into the yoga fold as well!

Various Yoga Program Levels

There are three different levels within the At Home Yoga Program: beginner, intermediate and advanced. I’d say the middle level is the best place to start, where you’d be expected to have more knowledge and practice. The beginner’s set of classes is excellent. There’s no pressure to perform, which is great for people who may feel they need to impress their instructors or take extra guidance. You’re free to stop when you’re not feeling up to par, which is great if you forget something or have an off day.

The intermediate level puts you on the path to getting more knowledge and practice. There is more variety in the exercises, which makes the class more fun for everyone. There is also the potential for you to meet other yoga students and maybe even make some new friends. The advanced level is where you get to immerse yourself completely in yoga. It’s the ultimate in physical fitness.

Children Proof Yoga Program

At Home Yoga ProgramThere is no need for you to leave your children at home while you go to class. They will be safe with you by your side at all times, and you can move at your own speed without any additional costs. If you have back problems, you can even bring them along with you. The equipment is all very basic, so there is nothing you need to bring on a hike or a bike ride.

Another benefit is that it allows you to get a more intense workout in a shorter amount of time. You don’t have to spend hours just sitting and doing the moves. You can get a great aerobic workout in a few minutes a day. This can really help those who have busy schedules and limited time. It doesn’t take up much time at all and anyone can do it. You can even do it while working out on the treadmill, going for a jog or just doing some stretching exercises.

There are several other benefits of going to a local yoga studio when it comes to joining a home yoga program. You’ll get more individual attention. You will learn techniques that you can put into use on your own. There is also likely to be a more experienced instructor at your local studio, which makes it possible for you to get more personalized attention.