A detox diet, sometimes called a “fast” or “cleansing diet”, is a popular weight-loss technique that promotes improved bowel or intestinal functioning to achieve weight loss.

Detoxification is a form of alternative-medical therapy that seeks to rid the human body of unidentified “toxins” (or substances that opponents claim to have accumulated in the human body over time and have adverse short or long term effects on human health) by eliminating known irritants that contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the colon, intestines, liver, kidneys and other parts of the body. A detox diet can include a variety of treatments, ranging from simple dietary changes to more invasive approaches such as colon hydrotherapy, herbal therapy, and other surgical procedures. A natural cleanse for weight loss can be equally beneficial.

Natural Cleanse For Weight Loss – Effective Or Dangerous?

A natural cleanse for weight loss, or fast, is generally defined as a time when the user restricts food intake and increases liquid intake. Some common purging methods used in detox diets include fasting, laxative use, enemas, lemonade and other supplements. Most fasts require the abstention of solid food for a specified length of time, typically two to three days. Many people who fast claim that the experience leaves them with increased energy and better bowel functions.

The goal of cleansing naturally is to remove the toxins that are accumulating in the digestive tract, colon, liver, kidneys, bowels, etc. Once these organs are cleansed, they are then able to function more effectively. Cleansing is an effective way to increase energy, decrease weight, improve the immune system, lower cholesterol, and clear the body from harmful free radicals. Many people believe that fasting also helps to normalize blood sugar levels.

Natural Cleanse For Weight LossBeing Regular is KEY

A natural cleansing program can be effective for losing weight, especially if it is done on a regular basis. Detoxifying diets work by gently eliminating built up toxins that accumulate within the human body over time. Some of these toxins come from processed foods, environmental pollutants, poor nutrition, and lack of physical activity. A regular fast can help the user to remove these toxins through the urine and sweat, and eventually the skin. Some of the toxins found in the typical American diet can cause an array of serious health problems, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other illnesses. A regular cleansing program can help users to reduce their risk of these life-threatening diseases.

An important question that many people ask is whether or not a natural cleanse for weight loss is safe. If you’re considering this type of fast, you should definitely talk to your doctor before starting one. It should be noted that some natural cleansing programs can be quite dangerous if done without supervision. For example, some of these diets have suggested that a person start eating only bananas, celery and apples for two weeks in order to get a detox effect.

Things To Consider

If you decide to use a natural or fasting cleansing program to shed some weight, there are many things to consider. Many of these programs recommend drinking large quantities of liquids, including water, green tea, or even grape juice for a few days. Some fasting regimens last for a whole week, while others last longer, sometimes up to a month. Most fasting regimens, however, require that you drink plenty of liquids, at least 16 ounces per day.

Fasting for a natural cleanse can also include taking herbal supplements. A common herbal supplement used during a fast is rice starch. The main active ingredient in this compound is called pectin, which works to boost the speed at which your body breaks down stored fat. Other herbs that can be used as ingredients in a fast include licorice, ginger, aloe, and marshmallow root. To get the most benefit from a fast of this nature, it is recommended that you also use a good quality liquid vitamin supplement.

One of the main problems with many people trying to lose weight through a fast is that they will frequently not eat for several days. This can lead to health problems, such as bloating and intestinal discomfort. If you choose to try a cleansing diet of this nature, you should speak with your doctor beforehand. Your doctor will be able to advise you whether fasting is right for you, and if so, how much of a fast you should go on. Also, you should be aware that many fasting regimens can be dangerous if done incorrectly.