Chai Tea is the preferred drink of countless people global. Chai tea is taken in world large for taste mostly and secondarily as a good stimulant. The majority of us get up to a cup of tea and think about an excellent cup of tea as a fantastic start of the day.

An easy enough beverage to prepare, chai tea can and is normally prepared at homes. Essentially all dining establishments will offer various ranges of tea. It is normally taken in either with milk and sugar or as black tea, where no milk is included, only boiled water. Ice tea is another favorite of tea lovers worldwide, particularly in the west.

Chai tea is prepared with sweeteners, usually sugar, but in some cases honey. Tastes and spices can be added like clove, cardamom, ginger, black pepper and other spices. These spices not only include to the taste, however in the east give excellent health and are known for their medical worth. Health benefits of chai tea is no longer a subject of argument, but a tested truth. Even cardiologists suggest tea for heart benefit. The Chinese are especially known to use chai tea for medicinal and curative functions.

Due to their antioxidant residential or commercial properties, tea is a great cancer fighter. Being a natural tension buster, tea helps minimize stress levels and is exceptional for the working class of people battling to meet demanding deadlines, facing mad bosses, upset clients and is a boon to virtually anybody who leads the 21st Century life of doing a lot of things at a time, attempting to please everybody at the very same time, and ends up fatigued and depresses at the end of the day.

Lovers of chai tea need not go chai searching for that ideal tea cup any longer. Chai tea is now readily available at all leading shops near you in a large range of interesting flavors. Quik Tea offers numerous inspired flavors and is really easy to prepare. All you require is to include some boiled water and out comes that ideal taste your buds were longing for. Thinking about Chai teas universal appeal, we have ensured all the flavors are prepared with the best quality products and with the assistance of a few of the very best tea connoisseurs around. The wait has ended. The ideal tea cup is now within your grasp. Highlight your favorite mug and open a quik chai tea cachet. Prepare for the ideal taste.

QuikTea Chai is made from the optimal mix of Assam & & Darjeeling Teas. Our master blender picks the teas at the peak of their taste and aroma before transforming the raw tea into an instantaneous tea. We include the very best spices grown in Kerala (God’s nation) and other parts of India and use them to flavor the chai teas, especially the spice teas.