A strawberry detox diet has many benefits and will surely be fun to do. Adding natural fruits, fresh herbs and other fresh vegetables to water are not very new. There are all types of beautiful pictures and wonderful flavor tips (such as those by Rhonda Byrne, for example) but sometimes, the message gets lost in the presentation. Sustainability is a big key when trying to be green or live a “greener” existence. First:

What strawberry detox drink provides?

Most people agree that refreshing drinks are important and are crucial to an all-around healthy lifestyle. You may think of coffee as a refreshing beverage that will help you wake up in the morning. But there is more to it than that. A healthy detox drink should always have a cool, refreshing taste. The strawberry detox drink provides just that.

As mentioned above, this strawberry detox water recipe comes in a fruity flavor. This is the perfect time to add fruit into your diet. There are so many different types of fruit you can include into your diet. If you are trying to lose weight, then consider adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and drinking fresh juice with every meal. Some recipes even include the juice of apples, bananas and pears. These are great choices as they not only taste good, but they are also good for you.

Do strawberry recipes taste bad?

The other good thing about strawberry based recipes is that they don’t taste bad. That’s what people like about strawberries. It doesn’t make it gross or anything. So while the diet itself may sound good, you won’t feel like you are doing something unhealthy. If you are a health conscious person, you will want to make sure you are consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

One of the best ways to enjoy eating strawberries is in smoothie drinks. These drinks are already loaded with the vitamins and nutrients

you need every day. Since the drinks are already prepared, you won’t have to worry about preparing the meals or doing the prep work. You can easily turn your smoothie drinks into breakfast, lunch and dinner options. This is a great way to enjoy the goodness of strawberries without having to worry about eating too much of it.

What can you do with strawberry-infused water?

The other thing you can do with strawberry-infused water, is to make a strawberry ice cream. You can freeze the strawberries and use them in place of sugar in a variety of dessert and ice cream recipes. You can create delicious smoothies, sorbet, frozen yogurt and more by using fresh strawberries instead of sugar. The sweetness of the strawberries will enhance the flavor of whatever you are making and will have a delicious treat for dessert. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime for an extra kick and enjoy drinking refreshing Strawberry Water throughout the day.

Aside from the strawberry detox drink, there are also many other delicious recipes that you can make by using fresh mint leaves. Mint leaves can be added to tomato soup, stews and stir fry. You can make a delicious and easy dinner with just spinach, mint leaves and tomatoes by adding the leaves to a water recipe. The mint leaves will add flavor as well as extra nutrients to the soup and will also help you lose weight because they naturally contain citric acid.

When you are thirsty, think strawberry! You can replenish the lost electrolytes and nutrients in your body with a refreshing drink. If you add the fresh strawberries to your water last chance to eat a dessert, you will be rehydrated and energized when you get hungry again. Staying hydrated is important when you are dieting and losing weight.